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How do you program a location?

Use the map button, and it will show your current location.  Either use the search box, or scroll around until you find the location that you're looking for.  Once you see it, touch the screen on the spot.  A pin will show where you've chosen.  If you don't like that spot, touch another until you have what you're looking for.  Then click the Done button.  You'll end back up on the Detail page where you can edit any other details.  Click on GroceryBags on the upper left corner to go back to the list.  Or just click out of the app.

What is play a sound first?

The app speaks "Don't forget your re-usable bags" any time you arrive at that location (as long as it is active).  If you have "Play Sound First" enabled, it will first play a sound to get your attention, and then it will speak the phrase without you having to touch the device. 

Will it work with the Apple Watch?

If you so choose, you can add the Apple Watch.  When you arrive at a location, the Watch will pulse and show you a message as a reminder.  At the same time, the phone will play the sound (if that is set), and speak.  The Watch will not speak.  Apple does not allow us developers to make the watch speak.  Maybe in the future, Apple will allow it, and I'll be adding that feature if they do.  You can also make any locations active or inactive with the Apple watch.  You cannot create any new locations from the Watch. 

What if I have a question that isn't covered here?

Please click on the Bug link at the top of the page and send me a message.  I do my best to make sure all my apps are bug free, but there is always a  chance that I missed something.

I hope you enjoy the app.