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How do I make an event that counts down the number of days?

In the top field, use the "today" button.  Once that is set, it will use whatever today happens to be and figures out how many days until the date in the bottom box.  If you use a set date instead of the "today" button, it will always give you the same number of days, as the first date will never change.

How do I make one that tells me how many days it's been since a date?

Put in the start date in the top box.  Use the "today" button in the bottom box.  This will tell you how many days it has been since that date to today, whatever today happens to be.

How do I choose an event to use a badge number on the icon?

Pick the event out of the list and click and "Edit the Event".  There is a switch that you can turn on (as long as you are using the "today" button in either the start date or the end date).  It will then show the number of days on the icon, as long as you have allowed the app to use a notification.  If you have not allowed the app to use a notification, a number will not appear on the app's icon.  To change the setting to allow the app to use notifications, just go to Settings > Days 'til > Notifications > and make sure that "Allow Notifications" is turned on, and Badge App Icon is also turned on.  ALL notifications are silent.  With this switch to on, it will change the number of days at midnight.

Does this work with Apple Watch?

Yes it does.  I've added 3 features to the Apple Watch.  The first is the Days 'til App.  You can scroll through all of the events that you have created on the iPhone app on the Apple Watch.  Second I added a glance.  To view the glance, just swipe up on the clock face and then swipe right or left until you find the Days 'til screen.  It will show either the event you have chosen for the badge, or the first one in the list if you haven't chosen any for a badge.  Third I've added complications.  Complications are little "widgets" that appear on the different Apple Watch faces.  If you hard press on the Watch face, you can edit the Watch face.  Pick an area, and scroll through with the crown to find the Days 'til complication.

What is 11D or 29D mean on the complication?

I'm not overly happy with the outcome of this complication, but there isn't much I can do about it.  Apple has pre-formated styles to use with complications.  Although there are many to choose from, it isn't perfect.  For the small complication, I've put the date of the event on the top line 12/25, and the number of days on the bottom line.  Since 10Days is too long, it automatically truncates it to 10D.  If it gets below 10, it will start showing 9Days, 8Days etc.

I upgraded from version 3.0.0, and the Watch seems to be broken?

I had tested this thoroughly before I sent it to Apple for approval.  I did have issues with it updating on the Apple Watch.  Sometimes when going from version 3.0.0 to 4.0.0, I would have to reboot the Apple Watch to get it to update properly on the Watch.  In the final test, I upgraded when Apple released it to the public.  This time, rebooting the Watch didn't update the program.  I had to go into the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and uninstall the app for the Apple Watch.  I then re-installed it and everything works as it is intended.

I just got a notice about 60 days.  What is this all about?

The app uses what is called a UILocalNotification to update the number on the icon.  Apple only allows an app to do 60 of these notifications at a time.  When you have an event that is counting down, and there is 50 days left, there is no problem.  But if you have one that is higher than 60 days, it would count 60 times and then stop. 

What I've done is used 59 silent notifications that just change the number.  If you open the app at any point during the 59 days, it will restart for another 59 days.  But if you have an event scheduled and it is more than 60 days away, and you haven't opened the app in 60 days, on the 60th day it will give you a silent alert, asking you to open the app.  Once you open it up (you don't need to do anything else), it will schedule another 59 days or as many days left in the countdown.  (This whole thing works the same for counting up).    I wanted to add this feature (I personally use it daily), and this is the only way around Apple limitation of 60 days.

What if I have a question that isn't covered here?

Please click on the Bug link at the top of the page and send me a message.  I do my best to make sure all my apps are bug free, but there is always a  chance that I missed something.

I hope you enjoy the app.